Let this sink in: Mitt Romney has a better March Madness bracket than you
  • Bill Pugliano/Getty Images
  • Let this sink in: Mitt Romney has a better March Madness bracket than you

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Hey, did you read:

• That Rolling Stone has retracted its UVA rape story? J.R. Jones

• That the Rolling Stone story exemplifies a journalism failure more insidious than fabrication or plagiarism—lack of skepticism? Steve Bogira

• About how labor unions have filled the gap left by the decline of patronage armies in Chicago elections? Mick Dumke

Tribune op-ed columnist Steve Chapman ripping on Senator Mark Kirk‘s criticism of the proposed nuclear deal with Iran? (“If the best analogy you can find is 77 years old, maybe it’s time to read up on events that have transpired since then.”) Kate Schmidt

Colson Whitehead on the narcissism in “You do you,” “Haters gonna hate,” and “It is what it is”? Steve Bogira

• That Cubs fans were addled by optimism last night, before the Cardinals shut them out? Steve Bogira

• That unlike many of us, Mitt Romney picked a really good NCAA bracket? Mick Dumke

• Or see the pieces in the Gluten Free Museum that remove depictions of gluten products from classic works of art? Aimee Levitt

• Or watch John Oliver’s interview with Edward Snowden? Drew Hunt

• Humboldt Park native Phillip B. Williams’s “Declaration,” a poem about Chicago commissioned by Chicago magazine in honor of National Poetry Month? Kate Schmidt

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner on last night’s midseason premiere? Drew Hunt