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  • Sarah Palin, putting her faith in “The Only Hope.”

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Hey, did you read:

• About the NRA’s play-dead response to the Newtown massacre? Tony Adler

• That, reversing an earlier trend, there is a movement afoot to keep juvenile offenders out of lockups and adult courts? Mick Dumke

• That Sarah Palin suggests we ignore what the media and political elites are saying about Newtown, and put our faith in “The Only Hope”—God? Steve Bogira

• The Q&A with the woman responsible for getting the Pope on Twitter? Kevin Warwick

• About how to download your Instagram photos and kill your account? (I’m torn about ditching Instagram. Like most, I’m at no real risk of exploitation by third-party advertisers. But it’s the principle that counts.) Mara Shalhoup

• Tom Tomorrow’s Fill-in-the-Blank Generic Gun Massacre Cartoon? Jerome Ludwig

Rick Morrissey on the disdain of the Bears franchise for media and fans? Steve Bogira

• That, at long last, the people of Burma can finally watch Teletubbies? Ben Sachs