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Reader staffers share stories that fascinate, amuse, or inspire us.

Hey, did you read:

• About factors leading to Scotland’s coming referendum on independence? John Dunlevy

• That the Roseland apartment building in which four children died in a fire yesterday failed many building inspections in recent years, including one in June? (The cause of the fire is still under investigation.) Steve Bogira

• The answer to to the question, Do fish think? Tony Adler

• Or visit the Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer website, a “Christian response to terrorism,” which includes a gallery of terrorists up for spiritual adoption and offers coffee mugs that read, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”? Tony Adler

• Alex Ross on the resurgence of the Frankfurt School? Tal Rosenberg

• This analysis of Joan Rivers’s comedy? Aimee Levitt

• About how the city of Omaha invested in indie rock? Leor Galil

• A Michigan blogger on the analogous connection between white privilege and riding a bike in a city that isn’t friendly towards cyclists? Molly Raskin

• That the ancient Shaolin temple in China is in search of a media director? Ben Sachs