DCs decision angers Walmart
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  • DC’s decision angers Walmart

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• About K.S.M.’s vacuum cleaner? Steve Bogira

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• That both Toshi Seeger and the inventor of Twister have died? Aimee Levitt

• Fake Joan Didion shut down her fake Twitter account, and the Wall Street Journal reported on it? Sam Worley

• This incitement to violent uprising against our idle, amoral upper class? Sorry, I mean: about the “celebrity-appearance industry“? Sam Worley

• About the distant planet where, scientists say, it rains liquid glass? Tony Adler

• About why Syfy’s Sharknado is an insta-classic? Gwynedd Stuart

• That the D.C. city council approved a $12.50-an-hour minimum wage for large retailers despite Walmart’s threats of bailing on new stores there? Mick Dumke

• About Oregon’s pay-it-forward approach to higher education? (One generation goes for free, then basically gets tithed after graduation, so that there’s enough for the next generation to do the same.) Tony Adler

• About the PBS documentary Two American Families, which tracks two middle-class Milwaukee families over 22 years, during which neither succeeds in, e.g., retiring? (It’s showing again locally on WTTW late Saturday.) Kate Schmidt

•That growing inequality has hindered attempts to eradicate poverty globally? (Global economic rules “are designed by the privileged and rich for the privileged and rich,” philosopher Thomas Pogge says.) Steve Bogira