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  • Say it ain’t so, Thibs.

Reader staffers share stories that fascinate, alarm, amuse, or inspire us.

Hey, did you read:

• That the use of solitary confinement in Illinois juvenile prisons will be sharply limited, in accordance with a settlement of a federal lawsuit announced yesterday by the Illinois ACLU? Steve Bogira

• That the Justice Department will review the use of Stingray surveillance technology by law enforcement agencies? Mick Dumke

• Bernard-Henri Levy on the backlash against the P.E.N. American Center for honoring Charlie Hebdo? Tony Adler

• That even though the Bulls are riding high, coach Tom Thibodeau might be on the way out? Drew Hunt

• That an STD outbreak is plaguing a west Texas high school that willfully does not offer sex-ed courses? Ryan Smith

• Or watch CBS Chicago’s story on a certain Keith Haring mural? (I wonder where they heard about it.) Gwynedd Stuart

• This fully grown adult man’s indignant rebuttal to a nine-year-old’s negative review of the new Avengers movie? (“Stand aside, 9-year-olds. This isn’t your movie. It is mine.”) Drew Hunt