• Francis Bacon’s “Three Studies of Lucian Freud-1969”: Now worth $142.4 million

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• About how desperate things are in Tacloban, the Philippines, after Typhoon Haiyan? —John Dunlevy

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• About Janis Shinwari, an Afghan who served as an interpreter for the U.S. Army for seven years, then spent several dangerous months hiding with his family in Kabul while the U.S. government tried to make up its mind whether to give him a visa? Aimee Levitt

• About Apple II DOS, released in 1978, and its source code, just published by the Computer History Museum? —John Dunlevy

• About a new photo exhibit of slavery in Brazil between 1860 and 1888, when it was finally abolished? Aimee Levitt

• That a Francis Bacon triptych from 1969 set a world record for the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction, coming in at a cool $142.4 million? Drew Hunt

• The story behind What Would I Say?, the new app that scrambles your old Facebook updates into hilarious new ones? (One I just got: “Then I headed to Jewel for a Democrat.”) Steve Bogira

• About James Oppenheim’s The Nine-Tenths, a novel that anticipated Occupy Wall Street by a century? Tony Adler

• Adam Shatz on Kansas City Lightning, Stanley Crouch’s new biography of Charlie Parker? Tal Rosenberg

• Also, that Swiss resident—and fluent German speaker—Tina Turner is giving up her U.S. citizenship? Mick Dumke

• About the woman who took an alligator on the Blue Line? Ben Sachs