CSO maestro Pierre Boulez died at the age of 90. Credit: Nationaal Archief

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Hey, did you read:

• About Taurus Buchanan, who’s doing life for one punch he threw at age 16? Steve Bogira

• About population decline in Lincoln Park? Sue Kwong

• About going on a Tinder date with Martin Shkreli—Brianna Wellen

• About Barack Obama as literary critic/explicator of T.S. Eliot? Kate Schmidt

• That French composer and conductor Pierre Boulez, former CSO maestro and a major avant-garde force in classical music, has died at age 90? Philip Montoro

• About why prison sentences should be capped at 20 years? —Steve Bogira

• The amazing life lessons that come from giving up raw chicken? (They are shockingly similar to the amazing life lessons that come from giving up booze, but funnier.) Aimee Levitt

• That Esquire has amended its 99 percent male-authored list of 80 books every man should read by enlisting “eight female literary powerhouses” to make a list of the 80 books every person should read? Kate Schmidt