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  • You might want to check what’s in that cup first.

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Hey, did you read:

• That taxing wealth instead of income would do more to reduce inequality than any of the tax plans being considered in Washington, according to an economics prof writing in the New York Times? Steve Bogira

• That Franklin Graham suggests it would take a complete economic collapse to place the United States on a better course and return it to godliness? Jerome Ludwig

• About Holly Petraeus and the beauty industrial complex? Asher Klein

• A tattooed suburbanite’s screed against Coed Prison Sluts? Tony Adler

• The New York Review of Books on D.T. Max on David Foster Wallace? Kate Schmidt

• That not only is the world’s most expensive coffee made from animal feces, but those feces are obtained through abusive practices? Ben Sachs

• The Big Ten will soon include 14 schools, now that Maryland and Rutgers are about to join the fun? Mick Dumke