"I often feel like somebody's watching me." Credit: FLORIAN DAVID/AFP/Getty Images

Reader staffers share stories that fascinate, alarm, amuse, or inspire us.

Hey, did you read

• That the city has again brought in Bill Lewinsky, a psychologist widely accused of pro-cop bias, to train Independent Police Review Authority investigators? (“It gave me a better way to articulate why shootings are almost always justified,” wrote IPRA’s supervising investigator of a Lewinsky training session last year.) Kate Schmidt

• What’s posted at the Chicago Police Board Information Center: an archive of misconduct allegations against Chicago police officers and the voting records of the Chicago Police Board? J.R. Jones

• About Austin, Indiana, a small town with a massive HIV epidemic that developed after the state’s cuts to Planned Parenthood’s funding took away its HIV testing center? Aimee Levitt

This attempt to “rebrand” the south with a symbol meant to replace the Confederate battle flag? (It kind of resembles the Valvoline logo.) Ryan Smith

• That Edward Snowden is on Twitter and only follows the NSA’s Twitter account? Tal Rosenberg

• This list of six of the worst all-time baseball collapses that doesn’t even mention the Cubs? (Rod Beck turns up, though.) Kate Schmidt

• That a federal appeals court ruled that a Chicago “ordinance that requires yard owners to control the growth of weeds” is not unconstitutionally harsh? John Dunlevy