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  • The Republican presidental candidates won’t address the Confederate flag issue.

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• That the leading Republican candidates for president so far have been unwilling to call for removal of the Confederate flag that flies on the grounds of South Carolina’s capitol? Steve Bogira

• About the Chicago Red Stars’ Julie Johnston and her rise to fame with the U.S. at the Women’s World Cup? John Dunlevy

• That Saudi Arabia, the world’s sixth-largest consumer of oil, is making a move toward solar power? Evin Billington

• About how climate-change deniers including the Chicago-based Heartland Institute (“There is no global warming crisis!”) tried and failed to change the pope’s mind before the release of “Laudato si'”? Kate Schmidt

• Or these (nondenominational) seven ways to care for the environment in keeping with the pope’s encyclical? Kate Schmidt

• That Lake Michigan is the most dangerous of the Great Lakes, claiming more swimmers’ lives than the other four lakes combined? Mick Dumke

• This look back at Larry Clark’s Kids? Drew Hunt

• About the ethical, eco-friendly, and artistic revival of taxidermy? Evin Billington

• That Disney’s Animal Kingdom park is offering treats named after/resembling different kinds of animal poop? Tyler Daswick