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  • Great for ALS, not so great for other diseases

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• About diseases left behind by the ice bucket challenge? (Fifty thousand dollars spent on an ALS drug saves one disability-adjusted life year. Spent on bed nets to prevent malaria, that amount saves 500 times as many life years, mainly by preventing the deaths of children.) Steve Bogira

• About the cost of being poor in Saint Louis County? Aimee Levitt

• John Herrman on Takes—online media’s need to respond to all viral news—and Alex Pareene on the awfulness of Takes and how they ruin a publication’s brand? Tal Rosenberg

• How nostalgia has come to drive internet sites aimed at young audiences? Mick Dumke

• About Steven Ma, founder of ThinkTank Learning, who can guarantee admission into Ivy League schools for $600,000? Tal Rosenberg

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• Or see the “adhorrible” giant mutant spider dog? Aimee Levitt