• Eminem, or Slim Shady, or Marshall Mathers, or who cares.

Reader staffers share stories that fascinate, amuse, or inspire us.

Hey, did you read:

• That there’s no more Onion paper? Tony Adler

• That the New York performer/activist Rev. Billy (William Tallen) faces a year in prison for a musical protest he led at a JP Morgan Chase bank? (Here’s some background on the Reverend and his Church of Stop Shopping Choir.) Tony Adler

• Brian Phillips getting tough on warrior culture and the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal? Tal Rosenberg

• About the results of a recent study by researchers at Michigan State University, which finds that people who own businesses or patents received up to eight times more exposure to the arts as children than the general public? Ben Sachs

• About anti-Semitic bullying in an upstate New York town and the Jewish superintendent who didn’t intervene? Aimee Levitt

• That George W. Bush will speak at a fund-raiser for a group that works to convert Jews to Christianity? Tony Adler

• That Whole Foods may actually have to start competing for customers? Mick Dumke

• About when partying goes wrong? Luca Cimarusti

• That local rap group Hot Stylz is not happy with Eminem? Leor Galil

• About Time‘s jab at Chris Christie’s weight? Jillian Sandler