The University of Chicago campus is closed today after a warning from FBI counterterrorism officials. Credit: Chuck Szmurlo

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Hey, did you read:

That the University of Chicago and a number of Hyde Park businesses are closed today after an online threat of gun violence? John Dunlevy

That body cams will be worn by Chicago police in seven districts next year, up from only one this year? (Mayor Emanuel announced the broadened program yesterday, amid continuing protests following last week’s release of the dash-cam video showing the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago officer.) Steve Bogira

How Cards Against Humanity made more than $71,000 selling nothing on Black Friday? Sue Kwong

About the state of Illinois’s practice of suing prison inmates to make them pay for their room and board? (One prisoner received a $50,000 settlement over the Department of Corrections’ failure to treat his cancer properly only to be sued by the department for nearly $175,000.) Kate Schmidt

About how Bruce Rauner and his wealthy friends are remaking Illinois politics? Robin Amer

About why English is so weird, especially compared to other languages? Aimee Levitt

Or watch this video of the Eagles of Death Metal discussing the Paris attacks for the first time? Robin Amer

About the physiology of feeling rotten after a big meal like, oh, say, Thanksgiving dinner? Tony Adler

About Bon Appetit‘s “Cheesegiving” sandwich made of Thanksgiving leftovers that received more than 500 (very negative) comments on the mag’s Instagram feed? Jake Malooley

About attempts to save the Palestinian poet Saudi Arabia has condemned to death for apostasy? Deanna Isaacs

Or play Super Black Friday Sweep, a new video game that captures the horror of the day? Jake Malooley