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Hey, did you read:

• John Cassidy’s Rational Irrationality post about tonight’s Veep debate on the New Yorker‘s website? (He argues convincingly that it’s worth watching, and that Biden needs to and will kick butt.) Steve Bogira

• That Guardian piece on Romney’s gross misuse of the “Friday Night Lights” motto? (The fact that The Wire is well ahead of Friday Night Lights in the polls bodes well for Obama.) Mara Shalhoup

• Ross Douthat’s New York Times post on liberalism’s glass jaw? J.R. Jones

• That story in the Wall Street Journal about how Wall Street is becoming even more removed from the rest of the world as an economic class? Tal Rosenberg

• Those two fantastic food writers—Sam Sifton and David Tamarkin—getting profane on poultry? Sam Worley

• The Examiner piece on the passing of the great Chicago trumpeter Billy Brimfield? Peter Margasak

• That article on ESPN about A-Rod’s problem? (Short answer: he’s average. But what a reckoning.) Kate Schmidt

• The faux-indignant letter typewriting enthusiast Tom Hanks typewrote to podcasters who bribed him—with a typewriter—to come on their show? (The resulting podcast is excellent.) Asher Klein