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Hey, did you read:

• About why so many people hate their jobs? Tal Rosenberg

• About how Republicans have increasingly made environmental policy a political issue over the last four decades? Mick Dumke

Thomas Piketty’s response to the Financial Times‘s criticism of his conclusion that “wealth inequality in Europe and the United States was high in the years before World War I, fell for much of the 20th century, and has been rising sharply again in the past three decades”? Tal Rosenberg

• About the role of neighborhoods in modern cities? (Fun fact: the only American city that does not describe itself as “a city of neighborhoods” is Las Vegas.) Aimee Levitt

• About video on demand profits? Leor Galil

• That scientists are one step closer to the technology that makes Star Trek‘s tractor beam and Doctor Who‘s sonic screwdriver possible? Brianna Wellen

• About Michael Pietsch, who was David Foster Wallace’s editor and is now leading Hachette’s fight against Amazon? Aimee Levitt

• That Oliver Stone is planning to direct a movie about Edward Snowden? Mick Dumke