Varg Vikernes. Totally stable.
  • Courtesy Wikicommons
  • Varg Vikernes. Totally stable.

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Hey, did you read:

• “What Medical Tests Should Teach Us about the NSA Surveillance Program”—”that amassing too much data can be harmful“? —John Dunlevy

Steve Coll on the findings of Pakistan’s Abbottabad Commission, impaneled after the Navy SEAL raid that killed bin Laden? (Inside the compound where he died, bin Laden was “like the great and powerful Oz . . . he occasionally puffed smoke and fire, but he was just a humbug behind a curtain.”) Steve Bogira

• About drinking at the bottom of the earth? Andrea Bauer

• About how murderer/church arsonist/nationalist/black-metal pioneer/all-around mentally stable dude Varg Vikernes was arrested in France for “plotting a massacre”? Luca Cimarusti

• About the Redditor who has been leaking the results of WWE matches (that’s professional wrestling matches, everyone) to embarrass the organization and prove how easy it is to sniff out the winners? Kevin Warwick

• The Tampa Bay Tribune‘s case-by-case look at the use of the Stand Your Ground defense? (“Who goes free sometimes depend more on where a case is heard than its merits.”) Tony Adler

• About the odd obsessiveness of egg collectors and the UK police operation dedicated to bringing them down? Julia Thiel

• About this experiment to determine if the work of Thomas Kinkade is as awful as the critics say it is? (It is.) Aimee Levitt