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Hey, did you read:

• The New Yorker‘s case for reëlecting the President? J.R. Jones

• The Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s case for reelecting the President? Philip Montoro

• The Salt Lake Tribune‘s case for reelecting the President? Philip Montoro

• Why the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel won’t be making a case for either candidate? Asher Klein

• Obama adviser Robert Gibbs’s suggestion that a 16-year-old boy killed by an American drone in Yemen “should have [had] a far more responsible father“? Sam Worley

• Who Camille Paglia thinks is the greatest artist of our time? (George Lucas, of course.) Jerome Ludwig

• That banning abortion for rape victims when the mother’s life is at risk is the new Republican norm—as evidenced by the inanity of four midwestern congressional candidates? (All the more reason to heed the endorsements of the newspapers that are still brave enough to make them.) Mara Shalhoup

• That NFL safety concerns may be responsible for declining participation in youth football? Mick Dumke

• That leopard sharks are falling from the sky? (And were successfully returned to the ocean, after falling from the sky onto a golf course.) Tal Rosenberg