Nabokov was such a romantic. Credit: Giuseppe Pino

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Hey, did you read

• About Vladimir Nabokov’s boundless love for his eventual wife of 50 years, Véra (aka “his kittykin, his poochums, his mousikins, goosikins, monkeykins, sparrowling, kidlet,” etc)? —Kate Schmidt

• About suburban architecture? —Aimee Levitt

• About the murder of four people in the French Alps? —Tal Rosenberg

• About the recent gathering of descendants of authors of slave narratives and antislavery activists including Dred Scott and Solomon Northrup? —Kate Schmidt

• About how a terrible column on why spooning is sexist proves that the Internet (and the thinkpiece) is broken? —Ryan Smith

• About the new “Escape the Railcar” mental maze in the Flat Iron Building, in which a team of participants has one hour to solve clues that will get them out of a locked railcar? —Julia Thiel