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  • Bill Clinton, not trying to make it look like he lost vital nuclear codes.

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Hey, did you read:

• What David Axelrod said this morning about the cliff negotiations? (They were made difficult by “Boehner’s unruly children over on the Hill, who he has no control over. They’re having a food fight at every caucus.”) Steve Bogira

Mother Jones‘ investigation into the links between lead exposure and violent crime trends? Mick Dumke

• That in the late 90s, Bill Clinton “lost vital White House nuclear codes” for several months? (The report says that this was around the time the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke—maybe Bill had other things on his mind?) Tal Rosenberg

• The radical leadership change in the 33rd Ward? (Deb Mell is replacing Dick Mell, the Sun-Times says. Or maybe not, the Tribune says.) Steve Bogira

• That it’s now totally legal to give a cop the finger? Luca Cimarusti

• About an Italian web guru’s aims to “annihilate traditional party politics“? Ben Sachs

• About a lengthy Wikipedia entry about a fake conflict that had been online for about five years? Leor Galil

• About the shades of Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah in a new documentary? Tony Adler

• Chris Ware on his Newtown-inspired cover for the New Yorker? —John Dunlevy