• Jim Marcus

To me one of the funniest things about the scandalous sex demonstration at Northwestern University is that Faith Kroll, the woman pleasured by the “fucksaw” in front of John Michael Bailey’s human sexuality students, is engaged to Jim Marcus. It was Marcus who operated the dildo-equipped reciprocating saw and helped her ejaculate in the name of higher education. He told the Sun-Times on Thursday, “It’s really scary for young people who want to get involved in the BDSM community who don’t understand issues regarding consent and safety.”

For Marcus the episode looks a little like a return to the spotlight, if you can call it that—though his performance at NU was as dubious as the music he made in local industrial-dance group Die Warzau in the late 80s and 90s. The band seems to resurface every few years, and this spurt of notoriety might well inspire Marcus to try another comeback.