Good news for information junkies and City Hall watchdogs. 

City clerk Miguel del Valle has made good on his campaign promise to open things up a little bit. At the very least, he recently finished posting on his Web site all the City Council journals of proceedings going back to 1980.

The journal keeps track of all legislation approved by the City Council — everything from TIFs to zoning changes. Del Valle’s site also has roll call votes, so you can see how your alderman voted on the issues of the day.

I could say, well, it’s about time. But that would be ungrateful. So thank you, city clerk del Valle. I was wrong and you were right — there are some good things a city clerk can do, even with the big boss on the fifth floor. I also take back all the snide things I wrote — actually quoting your old friend Congressman Luis Gutierrez — when you joined Mayor Daley’s ticket.

Now about those TIFs . . .