• A piece by Melissa Serpico that is part of “Dimensional Lines: Art + Dress” at the Evanston Art Center

On Sunday the Evanston Art Center unveils a new exhibit, “Dimensional Lines: Art + Dress.” (Full disclosure: I am the official blogger for the show.) Curated by designer/artist/School of the Art Institute faculty member Gillion Carrara, the show uses both the EAC itself—housed in a decaying Tudor-style mansion—and the jagged sculptural forms of artist Fraser Taylor as jumping-off points for several local fashion designers and artists (including Katrin Schnabl, Kristin Mariani, and Kristina Sparks) to explore the concept of space, dimension, and time in their work. The results range from garments sewn together to form a framework connecting the building to the lake beyond to an installation that incorporates sound to give the house “one last breath.”