Yesterday Bloodshot Records publicist Marah Eakin noticed a new restaurant near the label’s headquarters on Irving Park that’s calling itself Pitchfork. Though opening a chain of restaurants would be a brilliant lateral move for Pitchfork Media, the two ventures are, sadly, unrelated. Owner Dan Latino, who’s also responsible for Waterhouse and Rebel, says he hasn’t even heard of the site. But Maura Johnston at Idolator asked her readers to pretend, and thus Twitter found its seven trillionth meme in the form of jokes about Pitchfork Media running a restaurant.

Most of the results rate a 5.8 or so. At this point the Internet has already made most of the jokes at Pitchfork’s expense that can possibly be made, and to get any more meat off that picked-over carcass it’s gonna take a stroke of genius. Music journalist Daphne Carr looks to be the zingiest of the bunch with this succinct ball-busting slogan: “We know your taste and serve it to you lukewarm.”