• Céu


Show: Céu is part of a tight-knight musical community in Sao Paulo that borrows not just from reggae, dub, samba, and bossa nova but from pop, hip-hop, baile funk, rock, and more. “Céu doesn’t exactly have intimidating vocal technique, but she knows her instrument intimately enough to work effectively within its limits, favoring sexy and smoldering over flashy and virtuosic,” writes Peter Margasak.

9:30 PM, Green Dolphin, 2200 N. Ashland, 800-838-3006 or 773-395-0066, $25, $20 in advance.

Dinner: Kith & Kin “This is the inviting, irresistible place with casually excellent food that every neighborhood deserves,” writes Mike Sula.

1119 W. Webster Ave., 773-472-7070