Gaslamp Killer
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Show: Gaslamp Killer‘s DJ sets “don’t so much juxtapose different musical genres as laugh at the very concept of dividing music by such reductive criteria as genre,” writes Miles Raymer. “In his world, acid rock and alt-rock are shelved next to eight-bit electro and Dirty South rap as “music that can get a crowd to wild out,” while Hindi pop ballads, dubstep cuts, and 70s jazz-flute jams go together because they’re all good for getting a head-nodding stoner groove on.”

10 PM, Smart Bar, 3730 N. Clark, 773-549-4140, $10, $8 before midnight.

Dinner: Vines on Clark Italian and American food from chefs Tim Edstrom (Everest, Kiki’s Bistro, Spiaggia) and Raul Ramos (Spiaggia, Pump Room).

3554 N. Clark St., 773-327-8572