• Elizabeth Cook


Show: Elizabeth Cook “The title of the fifth and latest album by country singer Elizabeth Cook, Welder, reportedly refers both to the profession her father learned while serving hard time for running moonshine and to the way she likes to bring in elements from other genres,” writes Peter Margasak. “Not to belabor a metaphor, but while seams are definitely visible, I like the hodgepodge.”

7 PM, Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, 773-525-2508, schubas.com, $14, $12 in advance.

Dinner: Los Moles “Vagabond chef Geno Bahena, one of Rick Bayless’s most renowned (and elusive) disciples, has returned to ply mole in this modest Lakeview spot,” writes Mike Sula. “Bahena—despite his past unpredictability—is still one the city’s most talented chefs in this arena. I hope this time he hangs up his saddlebags and stays put.”

3140 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-935-9620, losmoles.net