• Irreal

Spacey local foursome Disappears have just shared the first single from their upcoming fifth LP, Irreal, and it’s another step forward in the band’s heady progression. Starting out as a Krautrock-influenced garage act, Disappears have grown into a minimal, weirdo-rock monster, toying with psychedelia, electronics, and industrial to create an ice-cold and hypnotic soundscape that is completely their own. The new track “Another Thought” sees the band getting even more controlled, pushing the song forward with Noah Leger’s restrained drumming, topped off with Brian Case’s hushed, eerie, spoken vocals. The mood is dark and heavy, the song’s one part just barely held together with airy, detached synths and unexpected, erratic chord changes. This next step for the band makes sense after hearing their excellent and frigid previous LP, 2013’s Era, and gets me really excited to experience the rest of Irreal, which is due out on 1/19 via Kranky Records.

For their next shows in town, Disappears will be covering David Bowie’s Low front-to-back at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Sat 11/22.