Disappears bassist Damon Carruesco has been hard at work on a new experimental project he’s calling Tüth. A marked departure from the noisy Krautrock grooves of Disappears, Tüth entertains elements of both industrial music and hip-hop in the handful of tracks that have emerged on its SoundCloud page. Carruesco’s barbed wire beats support whispered vocals, pitch-shifted raps, and traces of saxophone, all in the service of a feeling of isolation that’s more Death Grips than Kraftwerk.

The song “D_th Pr_scription” is the closest Tüth gets to hip-hop, though Carruesco still hints at the genre with the more melodic “NUBLI$$. These two tracks already set a broad range for the project, which so far appears to be in a relatively embryonic state with no official releases planned. Carruesco will play his first show as Tüth next Tuesday, November 4, at the Empty Bottle, opening for HIDE.