Chicago house innovator DJ Slugo is spinning at Smart Bar tonight, and as is the case with lots of house artists, tons of his music is online. It’s straight, repetitive, crisp dance music, so listening to, say, “Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Ho?” (“essential for anyone who wants to understand booty music”) in the comfort of your car or office will probably make you go stir-crazy. I just wanted you to know that, should you need it, it is available. Since all of my music listening is done in a sedentary position, it’s not really to my taste, but I do admire his gift for homely, catchily tuneless vocal samples (see “Down Low“).

Samples of his Chicago Juke DVD are available on YouTube. It’s pretty great, as long as you keep in mind that YouTube’s sound quality is terrible and it’s no medium on which to appreciate his pounding pounding beats.