Cedille Records, Chicago’s premier (if not only) classical music label, took a big hit when Tower Records recently announced that it was closing; like all classical imprints, Tower was its biggest brick-and-mortar seller. So if you don’t want to shop online for classical music, you’re now pretty much shit out of luck in the Chicago area. Borders and the Virgin Megastore carry a minor selection of “big hits,” but there’s no longer a store that stocks any kind of serious classical catalog.

The situation is so sad that now the best place to buy copies of Cedille releases is a hi-fi store: Audio Consultants in Evanston is now stocking 20 Cedille titles. The news isn’t quite as encouraging as it might seem, though. The store uses most of those titles as demonstration discs for the high-end stereo gear they sell, and the shop has long carried other titles for customers who express an interest in the music on those demo discs.