Alright, maybe romance isnt for suckers.
  • All right, maybe romance isn’t for suckers.

Last year when our Valentine’s Day issue came out, we caught some flak for, as usual, sort of pooping on the holiday and on romance in general. A Web commenter calling him/herself EventTracker said: “I can’t think of anything more trite than an alt weekly anti-valentine issue. The sort of knee[-jerk] jaded posturing which is barely amusing and not at all rebellious. At this point being anti is just as boring and consumerist.”

While we’re not sure that’s entirely true, we’re compelled to take a different approach this year and show some love to love. That’s where you come in . . .

Do you know—or are you a member of—a power couple? No, we don’t mean like Michelle and Barack or Rahm and the City Council (hoo-ah!), we’re talking about nonfamous, highly functional, cool-in-general pairings of people. The kinds of couples who are happy and in love in a way that’s decidedly not pukey. Couples whose mere existence makes the prospect of monogamy seem less repugnant to those around them. Couples who could’ve inspired this song:

YouTube video

Nominate couples you know—or that you’re a part of—and if they’re featured in our Valentine’s Day issue, you’ll get a prize and so will they (a $100 gift card to a local restaurant*). Send photos and info about cool couples to

We’re also looking for couples who met through our I Saw Yous. Know anyone? Let us know at the same e-mail address.

(*UPDATE: The three cool couples we select are getting $100 gift cards to the Chicago Firehouse on Michigan Avenue. Gift cards for nominators TBD.)