A third off-duty cop beating–allegedly involving Anthony Abbate’s brother and a D.C. cop–has been caught on tape. But new developments in a old scandal promise to overshadow even the trio of taped beatings, according to Michael Sneed. The ongoing investigation into corruption in the force’s Special Operations division, which led to four indictments last year, is about to heat up again. Writes Sneed, “it could add up to the Chicago Police Department’s biggest corruption case ever . . . because the probe is moving up the ladder beyond the patrolmen involved . . . the old Summerdale police scandal, in which eight cops were arrested in 1960 for running a burglary ring, can’t hold a candle to this one.”

Hat tip to the invaluable blog Second City Cop for both newsy links, which is also a great source of speculation and opinion on potential successors to Phil Cline.

Update: Abbate’s brother isn’t charged, but the CPD is continuing its investigation; details in the Sun-Times.