Gun nuts and anti-gun nuts alike are all agog at the District of Columbia federal appellate court decision Friday. By a 2-1 vote the judges struck down DC’s gun ban. The dissenting judge said that the ban was OK because the Second Amendment refers only to states, and DC isn’t a state! (All 75 pages here in PDF.)

As careful readers will have noticed, this argument LOST. But the mere fact that a judge would make it infuriated many in the right-wing blogosphere, who want said judge removed if not worse (here, and here, for instance). So I look forward to their enthusiastic support of DC residents when they ask for home rule and a pair of senators and the whole nine yards.

The only blogger I can find who’s made this connection is Green Party member Sam Smith of Progressive Review, a long-time DC journalist, who opposes gun bans on home-rule grounds, on Second Amendment grounds, and for pretty much the same reasons he opposes the drug war. Let me know if you find anyone else who’s connected A to B.