NOT COMING ACROSS LIKE AN ELITIST FAIL. I’m a Web editor and I don’t really care that McCain can’t use a computer. He’s a 72-year-old Senator, for heaven’s sake–if I’d had a staff of people for the past 20+ years to do research for me on whatever I felt like I needed to know about, I probably wouldn’t know much about computers, either. When you’re 72 and running for president and you don’t know how to use the holodeck we’ll see how you feel.

Please don’t run this ad on TV. (I know it’s cute. That’s the problem. It’s kind of the worst-case scenario.)

But more importantly: @%!$#!!! Maybe you should talk about charging victims for rape kits and the Violence Against Women Act.

NB: I keep hearing that the Obama team has a great ground game and GOTV operation and the real math and whatnot, and that seems plausible. But I can’t help but think that the leadership’s many years of experience in and around the benign dictatorship of the local Democratic machine might be a hindrance in a toss-up election.