Staying on top of podcasts has always been a bit tricky for me. Every week there are gigabytes upon gigabytes of new music to sift through, so I’m hardly able to find the time to focus on a podcast that could last up to an hour. But I made an exception today when Braid singer-guitarist Bob Nanna tweeted that he discusses an obscure 90s Kalamazoo emo outfit called Broken Hearts Are Blue on the latest podcast for Downwrite, a loose network of songwriters for hire (Nanna launched the site earlier this year with former Spitalfield front man Mark Rose). Anyway, given my penchant for emo I couldn’t help but want to hear Nanna talk about an old band that usually isn’t even considered for footnote status.

Fingers crossed, the rising interest in the genre’s fourth wave will help introduce new emo fans to bands such as Broken Hearts Are Blue—their lone album, 1996’s The Truth About Love, is a great slice of melodic and melancholic posthardcore. On the Downwrite podcast Nanna mentioned that Braid may possibly record a cover of the lead track from that album, “Because I Am,” which gives me even more hope that emo obsessives like me won’t be the only ones blasting The Truth About Love at odd hours of the day. Take a listen to the full album at the top of this post, and if you’ve got a little extra time I recommend checking out the latest episode of the Downwrite podcast just to hear Nanna talk about this band and the Billboard charts.