The old-fashioned American gentleman is dead, and Donald Trump killed him. For the details, read Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s analysis, which the Sunday Sun-Times picked up from

“One recoils at the spectacle of America’s best-known businessman betraying unbridled misogyny by hating a woman for being overweight,” says the rabbi, commenting on Trump’s public squabble with Rosie O’Donnell. But then, Trump’s “narcissism and boastfulness scrape the skies just like his buildings.” To Boteach, this behavior is something new. The last time he looked, “ancient codes of honor dictated that while a man should aspire to greatness, he should do so with a whisper. Let others speak of his feats of daring.”

Also, those days are gone. “What Donald Trump has invented,” Boteach told us, “is a new kind of rich man. The man who has money, but is bereft of class. The man with a million bucks, but with impoverished manners. The man who lives in high society, but whose behavior is in the gutter.”

So remember the year 2007 — when Donald Trump invented the philistine.