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  • If Donald Trump had been thinking, he would have dazzled Chicago by proposing a cultural institution in his own honor instead of squabbling over the sign on his tower.

What we have here is a case study in not thinking big enough.

Donald Trump is lambasted for pasting his name on the side of his building in letters that can be seen by pedestrians along a roughly one-block stretch of Wacker Drive.

George Lucas is hailed for putting a museum dedicated to “narrative art” on a 17-acre lakefront site where construction is forbidden by law.

Trump’s mistake was to post a sign large enough to be irritating but too small for Chicago to respect it. It is not too late to correct this mistake. Trump should consider altering his message to announce the TRUMP MUSEUM OF VANITY ART. Exhibits could include a display of hairbrushes and, in a nod to the Tribune Tower, stones taken from Trump Towers in other cities. A clip of highlights from The Apprentice could run in an endless loop.

Trump would surely demand tax considerations before dedicating a portion of his tower to cultural purposes. A grateful city would surely oblige him.