A spokesperson for the U.S. attorney’s office has confirmed that local art dealer James Kennedy — arrested last winter and charged with threatening a witness — missed a court date this week; a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The case is memorable for the transcript of the threat Kennedy allegedly left on the victim’s voice mail. The Mamet-worthy monologue went like this: “Yeah [Individual A], I thought you were my friend. You’re a dirty, lousy, no-good, cock-sucking, jag off-bastard. You recorded me, and video taped me. You jag off motherfucker. I’m gonna get you, baby. You’re gonna, gonna gonna go down big time now. Because I’m not fucking around with you anymore, Goddamn it. They told me everything you done. I heard it — and I didn’t believe it. So there you go, don’t ever fucking call me again. And if I see you, I’m going to beat the living piss out of you — you jagoff prick. And by the way, I need my fifteen thousand dollars that you never sent me any art in fuckin’ Florida, you jag off, cheating, lying, prick, motherfucker.”