The truth is Darcel Beavers never left you.

Beavers was appointed 7th Ward alderman last fall when her father, longtime councilman William Beavers, moved over to the Cook County Board. Darcel Beavers had been groomed for the job while serving for years as an aide to her dad, who was also chairman of the budget committee. But she was defeated in the February municipal election by Sandi Jackson.

Last week, though, Beavers told the Tribune she had a new job: working for the budget committee staff of new chairman Carrie Austin. And she’s been all over it this week, sitting in the council chambers–a few seats from the one she occupied as alderman–and quietly taking notes during the transportation and housing committee meetings.

She was vague Thursday when I asked her what exactly she does. “I’m going to meetings, reporting on meetings for the budget committee,” she said. “I don’t have an official title yet, but it’s working out good.”

Austin was not available to clarify.