As he grows daffier with the days, I’m starting to like Governor Blagojevich more than ever.

I particularly like the fact that he’s been quoting great poetry. He got off to a rough start in his previous press conference when he distorted Kipling, but he made up for it Friday with his fine recitation of Tennyson.

I was a little disappointed to hear him say this would be his last poetry recital. There’s so many other great writers who could use the spotlight his recitations bring. I’d love to hear him quote Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein. How about a verse or two from Silverstein’s “A Boy Named Sue“?

Give Blago credit: he’s obviously read the poems before quoting them. In that regard, he’s a lot better than 14th Ward alderman Ed Burke, who, from what I can tell, just sort of spits the words out as he goes along. 

Maybe Blago and Burke can do some sort of joint poetry slam.