Tonight would be a good night to visit that old friend of yours who has premium cable: beginning at 7 PM Central, Turner Classic Movies will screen a four-and-a-half-hour block of early films by Los Angeles indie Charles Burnett. The schedule kicks off with his acclaimed debut feature, Killer of Sheep (1977), and includes the recently released director’s cut of My Brother’s Wedding (1983). Both of these have enjoyed Chicago runs recently, but harder to see are the three shorts also showing: Several Friends (1969), The Horse (1973), and When It Rains (1995). TCM host Robert Osborne will interview Burnett throughout the broadcast, which repeats in its entirety at 11:30 PM.

By the way, all these films are available as part of Milestone’s new DVD release of Killer of Sheep. So when you’re at your friend’s house, remind him about that 40 bucks he owes you.