I Want to Go Home (198(

  • I Want to Go Home (198(

Undeterred by one aborted attempt, next month I’ll try again to realize my dream of talking for 18 hours about Alain Resnais. Well, not all at once. The monologue will be spread across six sessions beginning on March 3 at 7 PM at Facets Multimedia and meeting for the next five Tuesday evenings. You can sign up here. The films screened and discussed include some of Resnais’s better-known (La guerre est finie, Providence, Wild Grass) and some that remain underappreciated in this country (Love Unto Death, Melo, and the Jules Feiffer-scripted I Want to Go Home). They vary in sentiment from heartsick to morbid to downright wacky, and no one who’s seen them all could support the popular misconception that Resnais’s art is strictly cerebral.