Pentagram Credit: Keith Hyde

Pentagram kicks ass. Controversial opinion here: I would put the best Pentagram tracks up head-to-head with some Sabbath cuts. The legendary metal band—formed in 1971 but thrown onto the mainstream radar with the popular 2012 documentary about singer Bobby Liebling’s dark lifestyle, Last Days Here—bring their doomy boogie to the Abbey tonight, playing with openers Satan’s Satyrs, Electric Citizen, and Mexican Werewolf. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is one of the band’s heaviest, “All Your Sins,” off of their first official full-length, a self-titled album later reissued in 1993 as Relentless. The record initially came out in 1985, nearly 15 years after the band formed—they’d only put out demos and bootlegs until then. Relentless is cut from the same cloth as Master of Reality: plodding, slow-motion blues riffs played by an army of guitars tuned down to Z, topped off with Liebling’s eccentric, evil vocals. The entire thing sounds massive and crushing, like it could bulldoze a building—but Liebling never lets a good, mean melody escape the song. Worshipping Satan has never sounded so much fun. Check out the jam below, and make it out to the Abbey if you can tonight.