I generally like my iPods when they’re freshly loaded from scratch, which means I don’t have all those podcasts I won’t ever get around to listening to, all those promo records I’ve listened to once and haven’t remembered to delete, and all those safety-net albums that tend to accumulate in a “Steve Martin at the end of The Jerk” fashion. (“All I need is Either/Or. Either/Or and So Jealous and a couple of Cure records and a Cat Stevens greatest-hits collection and Figure 8.”) The dozen gigabytes’ worth of tunes that I tend to throw onto a new PMP in one fell swoop can usually double as a sort of snapshot of my current mood and musical obsessions, and often they follow a loose theme. For the iPod Nano I got for Xmas, that theme is something like “Krautrock and Also Songs That Sound Like the Results of an Experiment to Determine How High You Can Be and Still Make Beats.”

So far that theme is treating me really well. Some examples after the jump: