As I’m sure you know, the Fiery Furnaces are gracing Chicago with three performances this weekend. (You can read Jessica Hopper‘s Critic’s Choice here.) What not enough people know, however, is that fantastic Baltimore trio Double Dagger are playing their own three shows–one of which is an opening set with the Fiery Furnaces tonight at the Hideout (1354 W. Wabansia).

Double Dagger’s new album, More (Thrill Jockey), is a swirling onslaught of trebly, punk-influnced rock. The noisiness and grit of the album reminds me of the best kind of basement show: 19-year-olds pounding King Cobras, battered microphones cutting in and out, ten kids sitting on a collapsing washer and dryer, deafening music reverberating off concrete floors and walls. More is also a supremely catchy album–I can’t help but nod along to fuzzed-out, feedback-spiked jams like “Half-Life” and “Camouflage.” Thrill Jockey obviously saw something in Double Dagger–this is a somewhat uncharacteristic signing for the label–and I applaud their good judgment.

I mentioned three shows, right? Double Dagger is playing a free, all-ages show tomorrow at Permanent Records (1914 W. Chicago) at 6 PM. Later that night the band heads to a DIY space to play with Cacaw and Old Fake (in order to avoid attracting any unwanted attention to the venue, the Reader isn’t listing its name or address–but if you’re interested, Double Dagger’s MySpace will help you find the show).

If you’re already a Double Dagger fan or if you’re just intrigued by the good things you’ve heard (you know, like in this blog post), surely you can make time for one of these gigs. What, do you need them to play four shows here?