The final Raw Nerve EP, Every Problem Solved

  • The final Raw Nerve EP, Every Problem Solved

It’s been close to a year since local hardcore fivesome Raw Nerve called it quits with a couple finale shows. I unfortunately missed the very last performance, but I got a pretty good view of the scene thanks to some footage circulating online. The whole thing looked as chaotic and fiery as the band itself—it took less than two minutes for one dude to do a barrel roll while crowd-surfing atop the swarming group of diehards.

As Kevin Warwick wrote in his Soundboard preview for those last concerts, Raw Nerve’s discography isn’t always easy to find; hardcore stalwart Mark McCoy released most of the group’s material on his Youth Attack! imprint, and those came out in small batches that quickly sold out, at least online. Do a little digging in local record shops and you might find something—this past weekend I picked up the band’s final EP, Every Problem Solved, at Reckless. That’s not the only piece of music by Raw Nerve I stumbled upon recently—I actually found the band’s entire back-catalog available at the click of a button on Sunday on a Maryland punk blog called Chug Life.