• Landmine Marathon

Like probably a ton of people I was a Landmine Marathon fan for a while before I realized that the lead singer is a lady. It’s maybe a tiny bit sexist of me to just automatically assume that the lead singer for a grindy, crusty death metal band is a guy, but in my defense a) it’s true at least 99 percent of the time and b) there is no way that anyone would think Grace Perry is a woman by her singing voice alone. I would have guessed “incarnated mountain lion demon-spirit” first.

Landmine Marathon has a new record coming out on the 27th. It’s called Gallows and it bangs. Brooklyn Vegan has three tracks from it that you can listen to. They’re playing Reggie’s Rock Club on October 27. I’ve seen them before and it was an incredible experience. The music’s great, but it’s also really fun to see Perry just destroying the minds of the gnarliest, most angry-at-the-world-and-also-probably-at-women metalhead dudes.

Hopefully they’ll have this incredible T-shirt back in stock by then.