Most likely no one reading this post will ever have to worry about dressing for an audience with the queen of England, as fashion writer Sarah Mower did when preparing to receive an M.B.E. In the New York Times: T magazine article, Mower details her anxiety about choosing the proper ensemble for the ceremony, finally choosing an outfit by British designer Roksanda Ilincic, a hat by noted milliner Stephen Jones, and some specially made Manolo Blahniks. I am not a fan of the end result: the boxy pink jacket is at odds with the curve-hugging skirt, and in the photos at least, her chapeau looks like it was fashioned out of industrial wire—a rare miss for Jones, who’s normally so handy with the wacky. Other photos in the story show how other Brits honored for fashion were more sartorially successful, especially shoe designer Beatrix Ong, whose black fascinator is a less-goofy version of Princess Eugenie’s famous wedding hat, and Tamara Mellon, who is the very picture of light-handed elegance and went with a daring wide brimmed topper to receive her pink ribbon.