• Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Given that the Reader plans to soundly defeat the Chicago Tribune at tonight’s media league softball game, the least we can do is be presumptively magnanimous and point out a really sweet gesture by its staff. In a story today about the layoffs at the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Kevin Allman makes parenthetical mention of Trib staffers calling a NOLA reporters’ hangout and opening a tab last night for the beleaguered journalists. Jim Romenesko got the details—Angela Rozas, a former Times-Picayune employee who now works at the Trib, organized the drink buy:

“There’s a tight community of former Picayuners, and we’ve never forgotten our time there and our friends there,” says Rozas. “Whenever one has lost a job the others have pitched it, whether by creating a website or sending some beer money. This time there were so many of our friends [who lost jobs] we didn’t know where to start.”

She knew that staffers often gathered at Wit’s Inn bar and figured that “if I can’t be there to toast them, at least I can send some beers their way.”

The rest is here. See you on the field, sweethearts.