After giving the current issue of Time Out Chicago a read, I understand why the music capsules don’t carry bylines—who wants to take credit for a bunch of errors? Two whoppers in particular caught my attention. First, in the blurb for the Konono No. 1 gig tomorrow night at the Empty Bottle, the writer says their new “dual disc includes more refined sonics.” You’d think someone who noticed the improved fidelity would also notice that the new set, Congotronics 2, is actually a compilation with only one piece by Konono.

Then, in the capsule for the Iranian-American singer Haale (who plays Wednesday at the HotHouse), a mention of the vocalist’s Persian bloodlines is immediately followed by the claim that “Haale is best understood as the Arab world’s answer to Patti Smith.” No wonder the Middle East has such animosity toward this country.